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Some of the game projects Beren has worked on

Eden Eclipse
A science fiction themed Total Conversion Modification for Unreal Tournament 2004. It was nominated for the finalists of the Make Something Unreal contest and has been featured in various online and offline game magazines. UT2004 must be installed first to run Eden Eclipse.
Beren has been working on Eden Eclipse as Lead Artist, Game Designer, Webmaster and Project Manager.

Silent Risk
A cyberpunk themed Total Conversion Modification for Doom 3. The project is still in an early stage of development.
The Team is looking for talented individuals to help out with the creation of this game. If you are interested, please visit the game's website.
Beren has been working on Silent Risk as Art Director, and developed an extensive Style Guide for the game along with concept artwork and mood paintings.

Navy Seals Covert Operations
Total Conversion Modification for Quake 3. It was awarded "best realistic mod of the year 2002" by moddb and featured in PC Gamer Magazine.
Quake 3 must be installed first to run Navy Seals Covert Operations.
Beren has been working on Navy Seals Covert Operations as Interface Designer for the Gold Edition of the game.
The design was later used as a design base for the website.

Crash Course

Games by Psyonix
Crash Course is a fast-paced multiplayer game developed by Psyonix Studios. You drive your rocket-powered super car and knock opponents off of the track by ramming them head-on.
Beren worked on textures, art, particle effects and interface design for the Game Developer Conference Demo of the game in 2006.
Psyonix, the developer of Crash Course, is also the creator of Onslaught for Unreal Tournament 2004 and contributed to the development of Gears of War.

A German universal pen & paper roleplaying system by Beren Baumgartner. The system is easy, yet versatile. It is aimed at roleplayers that do not wish to cope with complicated rule systems.
The base system comes with a medieval world setting.
You can download Treytek for free and test it.


Online services and resources:

An online name generator by Beren Baumgartner.
If you need to create a name, Namator might help you find the right one! With its advanced features and comprehensive database Namator can be used in a wide range of applications:
Character and planet names for novels, screenplays, video games, nicknames, online avatar names and RPG characters.
It can even be used to create company and product names.

Creative technique for writing screenplays. It is based on based on role playing games and was developed by Beren Baumgartner as research project for college in 2004. The website and research document is German.
R-Tech makes it easier and more fun for unexperienced writers to create screenplays. Even experienced writers might value this new approach at creating settings, seeing their story enfold while they collaborate with their friends and colleagues.


Short movie projects:

Castle Of Thorns
Short movie project by Beren Baumgartner, all completed in one month. Castle Of Thorns ("Dornenburg" in German) won first place in the "motion graphics" category and was awarded by the international SAE college and the Australian based Computer Graphics College.

Schwarzer Mann
What to do when you're on vacation? Make a short movie, of course!
Schwarzer Mann 1 is a German short movie by friends, shot in one day. Filming for the sequel Schwarzer Mann 2 has been completed in 2006 and postproduction is to be completed in 2007. Beren worked on the screenplay, art direction, camera operation, effects and movie editing.
For recent news please visit the Schwarzer Mann 2 website.


A German short movie by director Stefan Omar Najib. Kabamir is a nightmarish fantasy trip of a young boy named Yannik, who has to defeat a gruesome monster and rescue his mother from certain death.
The movie is currently in the postproduction stage.

Other projects

Companies and competitions:


A web design company co-founded by Beren Baumgartner in 1998. Beren left in 2002 to found Renegade Gods GmbH.

Renegade Gods GmbH
German game company run by Beren Baumgartner. It was founded in 2002 for the Eden Eclipse game project and closed in 2005.

Join Multimedia 98' & 99'

A nation wide school contest by Siemens. 1999 several thousand participants all over Germany took part in the competition. Beren's team won place 5 in 1998 and place 6 in 1999.


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