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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

This agreement describes the use of your personal information collected by ("this website"), the website owner ("author") and possible affiliates and partners.
By accepting the Terms Of Use you also accept the Privacy Policy of this website.

2. Contact

When using the contact form on this website you are asked to submit personal information. Any submission of your data takes place voluntarily.
The website owner does not request you to submit or send any original creative materials, including but not limited to ideas, paintings, concepts, photos, videos, screenplays and stories.
Any such information is submitted voluntarily by you. By submitting creative material you waiver your right to make any claims against the website owner related to such material, including, but not limited to breach of confidentiality, unfair competition or copyright claims.

3. Statistics

This website will collect anonymous information about the use of this website. This includes, but is not limited to, recording the amounts of image views and website use. Such anonymously collected information will only be used for statistics and to enhance the user experience of this website.

4. Protection

Since the internet is a vast open network, illegal attacks on servers and home computers are not uncommon. The author of this website has implemented security mechanisms to avert illegal access to user data. However, the author can not be held responsible for any illegal access to user data. You submit your information at your own risk.

5. General

Information marked explicitly confidential by you when contacting the author of this website will be treated as such. Confidential information will only be used internally by the author and possible affiliates and partners unless specified otherwise by you. Information not marked confidential by you can, but is not required to, be treated as such.
In cases of illegal use of this website or any material send to you by the author, the author is allowed to give out the necessary information about you to corresponding parties and authorities.


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